Remedies For Ovarian Cysts

Ask any woman that has a history of ovarian cysts and I guarantee she will tell you that she is totally exhausted and fed up with having to deal with constant pain and discomfort and would do almost anything to find remedies for her ovarian cysts that will get rid of the pain forever.

As you probably know, the pain from a twisted or ruptured cyst is sufficient enough to keep you away from work for days at a time and leave you feeling totally wretched and miserable. The majority of doctors prescribe medication, in the form of contraceptive pills and painkillers, and in more extreme cases they may well advise surgery. However, there are natural treatments that women can do themselves at home that will effectively shrink away the cysts and prevent them from returning and causing more pain.

A very effective way of getting fast relief and comfort from the pain is to take time out to sip on a cup of herbal tea, such as camomile or mint, and to use a heated pad on the pelvic area. Now the trouble with heated pads is that they are not very portable because you have to be near a power source, they can overheat and burn your skin and they also wear out. But you can actually make your own heating pillow at home which is more portable and goes wherever you go.

The pillow or bag is very easy to make and you most likely have the two things you need for it at home. All you need is a bag of white rice and an old pillow case, sock or even remnants of material that you can use to make a cover. Simply empty the rice into a pillow case and tie a knot in the top. Then place it in the microwave for a few minutes and there you have it. Your very own portable heated pillow. It may take a few times of heating before the moisture dries out of the rice, and you need to experiment with your own particular microwave until you get the required heat. If you think the pillow case is a little cumbersome then you could make a small cover from a reminder of material. Put in as much rice as you need so that the pillow is of a suitable size to cover your pelvic area, or alternatively sew a couple of ties on to the case and wear it strapped round your middle. You will need to ditch it after a few months and make a fresh one since the rice tend to get over baked after a few hundred uses.

For the creative ones amongst you it would be a great idea to make some of these heated bags as gifts for friends who suffer from aches and pains. They could be customized to suit each individual and made to look as pretty as you like with some lace or ribbons. A filled sock makes a useful neck warmer and again you could be quite imaginative with its design.

This is just one form of fast relief from the pain of an ovarian cyst but there are many more natural treatments that you can learn which will help ease the discomfort and eventually get rid of the cyst altogether. When starting any form of natural treatment, whether it be a change of diet, or a different form of exercising, just remember that all of these treatments need time to work before you begin to notice any significant changes.