Spandex Leggings

Spandex leggings have now become as popular as they were back in the 80s when they first started to become popular. Even back then they were mostly worn with leotards and were mostly used just for working out and exercising. Now though it’s common to see many women sporting spandex leggings for all sorts of occasions.

Spandex or lycra leggings are different to normal ones in that they are shiny. They are a lot smoother to touch and feel great against the skin. They really are comfortable to wear apart from looking extremely sexy.

There are two different types of spandex or lycra leggings, ones that are footless and ones that have stirrup feet. Both look great when they are worn with high heels which is why many women like to wear them on a night out clubbing. They are also have the added advantage that they are a lot easier to put on and take off compared to latex leggings.

Latex leggings have the same appeal as in that they are extremely tight and have a really shiny appearance. Latex is really difficult to put on and take off and it’s not really the most comfortable material to wear, especially on a night out which is why spandex leggings are the much easier option for many women wanting to give that smooth shiny look to their legs without having to wear latex.

Fashion styles change so very often but it would seem that spandex leggings are here to stay as they really can be worn for so many different activities and go with many different outfits.