Stockings, a great a diverse creation of sexy lingerie, they give women everywhere the look that they desire. What defines a stocking though, what is their history, and what are the different types? Read this article for information about stockings, and to find out what benefits there are to wearing them.


Stockings go as far back as the middle ages, and were once worn by men and women alike. Not much like the today’s sexy lingerie, they were originally called hose or upper-stocks (which would be known as knee breaches at a later date), nether-stocks (which could be known as stockings). In the 15th century stockings were essentially tights consisting of the two different type’s upper-stocks and nether-stocks. At this point stockings were made of woven cloth, however after the 1590’s stocking began to be made out of cotton, linen, wool or silk, becoming more like sexy lingerie. Before the 1920’s women wore stockings for warmth, however as fashion evolved the hemlines of skirts and dresses rose higher up the leg, the stockings were now sheer and made of silk or rayon.

During the Second World War, women were not able to wear stockings as the material was gathered for the war machine. Instead women used to stain their legs with tea and draw a seam down the backs of their legs to give the appearance of stockings.


Stockings today are slowly coming back into fashion as a part of sexy lingerie department, with them coming in all different length ranges and designs you can even get stockings that just look like knee high socks. You can get ones designed to support and shape your legs. Whether you want them for work, a night out, or just to go with a fun outfit, there is a stocking for you.


There are three main ways to hold up your stockings.

Suspender belt also known as garter belt. These have straps that hook onto the tops of your stockings and can be adjusted to the height that you want them on your thigh.

Stay-ups / hold-ups. The tops of the stockings have elastic in them which clings to your thighs to prevent the stockings slipping down. If you choose this sort of stocking ensure that they fit on your thighs as there is no measurement for the circumference of your thighs so you could find that they are too loose or too tight.

Garter. A garter clips around the tops of your stocking to hold it in place. Again these are not measured by thigh circumference, so make sure that the garter fits you comfortably.

Why are they better than wearing tights?

The main reason is they are in fact healthier than tights. Tights do not let you skin breath and create a humid and warm environment in your crotch area; this can cause fungal and bacterial growth leading to infections such as thrush. Also they can become very uncomfortable due to the higher levels of perspiration created in your crotch area. They are also more aesthetically pleasing and lets me honest they are a lot sexier.

Tights, do not expose your thighs so will keep them warm in colder weather, and they don’t require any hold up methods. Also sometimes it is more appropriate to wear tights than stocking.

So they are healthier, varied and sexy suspenders are truly a great sexy lingerie accessory for every woman. So why not ditch those tights and give them a go.