Tuxedo Shirt

Have you ever thought about wearing a tuxedo shirt with jeans? Well, guess what? Go right ahead.If you are trying to do a dress casual look, you can definitely wear a tuxedo shirt with jeans or trousers.

Do not stop there. You can always support that look with a tuxedo vest. With so many colors out there nowdays, anything can be the "new black". I have been told that green tuxedos are the "new black! Imagine seeing one of your favorite celebrities on the red carpet with a green tux. Some D & G jeans is classic. Another possibility of the casual look would be a shirt under a V-neck, with some wool trousers.That would be a semi-nautical look. you happen to have a shirt with ruffles, circa 1970, you can, you can … well maybe you can not.

Women have all the options!

But women have the best options for sporting a tuxedo shirt for casual use. Women can dress up a pair of jeans. They can wear it with a business casual skirt, or pant suit. The professional women can wear a shirt with a flowing pair of Palazzos and accessorize appropriately. Giving it a women's tuxedo look without the formal tuxedo look. With the color palette endless, so are the options. I have heard that a extra large tux shirt makes for a sexy night shirt.

A classic theatrical look is a man in a white tuxedo, with a women by his side, in a half buttoned tuxedo shirt … and that's all!

So, you have my permissions. Get out your tux shirts and wear them any way you see fit, because formal or casual, it's going to look good.