What Is Sexy!

What do you find sexy? Being nude? Partially dressed with lingerie, or fully dressed with revealing clothing? For me the answer is simple, partially dressed with sensuous lingerie. For millions of men (and yes including myself there is nothing sexy than your partner, spouse, lover or girlfriend wearing a finally crafted piece of lingerie. and teddies.

A baby doll is short, sleeved or sleeveless, loose fitting lingerie. Most baby dolls show some (or a lot) of cleavage and her legs. Most baby dolls are now sold with a matching thong or G-string. FYI the baby doll is fast becoming the weapon of choice for honeymooners! The teddy can be best described as a tight fitting one piece body suite. The torso and crotch are covered. There are different styles and material types, sheer, lace, leather and PVC to mention just a few.

And for me the "sexy look" is completed by adding a stunning white pearl necklace, a gorgeous pair of stilettos, knee high boots or hot pumps. Whatever your taste and style have fun with it, add music, candles and / or your favorite condiments. These days the trend is to wear them with a tight pair of jeans, or a pair of even tighter dress pants, do not forget the sexy boots or stilettos. You may also want to add a charming necklace (long enough to set in between your breasts!).

And what happens when the pants come off? Well, my advice is to keep your boots, stilettos or any other footwear on! What to wear under your pants? Your partner may love just your skin, but for me personally, add a Brazilian thong with garters and panty hose! Also, you can wear crotchless panties or panty hose, beautiful fish net stockings and garter belts, or even a knee high, that shows the bare skin between the upper knee and just below the buttocks.

But what really matters is that a little bit of spice is added, so to add to your romantic evening do not forget the soft music and candle light! So here you go guys and gals now you have my opinion, I hope you enjoy your evening my friends! Please do not forget, add spice for a full life! Keep it hot! Keep it simple and most important, keep it sexy!