Why Men’s Slider Sandals Will Be the Must

Sliders have, for a long time, been associated with professional sportsmen, like Bjorn Borg, or with poolside lifeguards, but this summer, designer pool sliders are going to be the big thing in men’s footwear.

All the top designers, including Valentino, Gucci, Givenchy and Dolce and Gabbana, all have new men’s sliders in the stores right now and this summer looks all set to be the summer that this type of summer footwear goes mainstream.

Sandals for men has always been a bit of a contentious fashion issue, especially when they are worn with socks. But pool slide sandals have always managed to, somehow, to stay above that image of dad-sandals and they have always had a much sportier, trendier image.

Now, though, this type of comfortable summer footwear has gained a foothold in the fashion world too, thanks in the main to the growing popularity of street fashion. Many big celebrity names who are well-known for their love of street wear have been seen wearing these flat soled, rubber sandals that are more usually associated with the beach or the poolside.

Pool sliders are nothing new. Adidas have been producing this style of footwear since the early 1970s, but it is only relatively recently that this style has been adopted by the big fashion designer brands.

What used to be very simple, basic rubber, flat-soled sandals have now evolved into a stylish summer fashion item that could be worn almost anywhere. Whether it has a camouflage print, a designer logo, or a motif of some kind on it, this type of footwear can be worn with smart-casual trousers for an evening out, or shorts when you are sitting by the pool or on a beach.

There is no doubt that sandals are the most comfortable thing to wear on a hot summers day, but many men are still very reluctant to venture out without a good, solid pair of shoes on their feet, but could it be that the latest trend for designer sliders about change that? Of course, fashion evolves with the times, but will this be a step too far for many men?

Fashion trends are often driven by celebrity endorsements, if that holds true for pool sliders, then they will be the must-have summer fashion item for men this year. As well as whole host of female street-wear icons, male celebrities, including Snoop Dog and Iggy Pop have also shown their approval of the pool slide sandal as well.

So, it’s off with those scruffy old sneakers and trainers, and it’s a big no for those cheap plastic flip-flops, because this summer, if you want to be cool and trendy, then the hottest trend in men’s fashion footwear is definitely going to be designer sliders!