Women Love Men Who Love Our Shoes

Let's face it girls, we buy shoes based on the reality that men find us attractive and sexy in them. Whether they be stilettos, high-heel shoes, platforms or over-the-knee boots, that's the ultimate reason that we endure hours of discomfort while wearing our high heels. We'll pay any price to look good for our man. (at least until we've done it!). But even then we've got to keep wearing them to keep him, right?

Of course that's not the only reason we wear them. Women also dress to impress other women. It reminds me of why men like to show off their new car or electronic gadgets. We also want to dress to please ourselves. When we look good on the outside, it makes us feel better on the inside too.

High heels, stilettos, platforms and the like – all elongate the leg and because of the design (where the toe is lower than the heel) forces women's bosom to the forefront and gives them extra push to the tush.

I know that sounds like pre-womens lib talk, but some things never change and that's about the attraction between a man and a woman. I'm a tough sell too, I speak my mind, am able to handle hard decisions everyday and can take care of myself very well thank you, but I still want my man to be wildly attracted to me as well as appreciate my innate goodness (or should I say goddess). Men are visual creatures – we know that as fact so is not that all the more reason to stimulate all of his senses by wearing a sexy pair of stilettos or high heels and get his juices flowing? Maybe just once in awhile bring out those sexy sling-back high heels out of the closet and onto your pretty little feet, even if you're just sitting back on the couch watching TV with your man. You'll instantly feel sexy and may start a spark, stop the TiVo.

Now personally, if I'm wearing very high heels I do not plan on walking or standing with them on for long periods of time, they're mostly worn sitting down. The higher the heels the longer the leg and ladies – I do not have to tell you there are a lot of 'leg men out there.

I do not of any other type of women's clothing that gets us more excited than when we find that perfect pair of stilettos or high heels for that special occasion, night out, business meeting, etc.