Women’s Frye Harness 8R

The Women’s Frye Harness 8R – based on market research – comes in second in popularity only to the Frye Harness 12R boot for women.  It has the classic look of the original harness, but with a shorter boot shaft – and will accommodate a number of different looks that women love.

Wearing with skirts:  Women who like to wear a skirt above the knee may love the looks that these boots lend to an ensemble.  The shorter, just-above-the-ankle style combined with a shorter skirt can add an appearance of length to legs, truly accenting a woman’s appearance.

Wearing with jeans:  This is likely most common use for these boots.  The legs of the jeans can be worn either tucked into the boots or easily worn outside for completely different looks.  Either way they look great.

Dressing up for the day:  Some of the 8R boots have leather with a “weathered” appearance, but some have smooth and sleeker looking leather – and although one might not think this at first, they actually look great with a number of different “dress up” outfits for work or social attire. 

The “biker” look:  Whether a woman rides a motorcycle or not, the “biker” style is coming more and more into play these days – very much in style.  There are a number of women (including myself) that appreciate this look, at least every once in a while to add a bit of variety to the mood of a wardrobe.

No matter how the women’s Frye Harness 8R boots are worn, you can count on them looking great with almost anything and lasting not for months or a year, but can be worn regularly for years without a hitch.