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Ancient Chinese Clothing

The ancient Chinese clothing predominantly mostly robes. While the women wore lengthy tunics that reached the ground, the men worn tunics that reached their knees. The sleeves of the garments were wide, and loose fitting, with sashes being added as ornamentation. Darker shades were preferred over light ones. Lighter colored ...

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Modesty: The Ancient Secret of Allure

In immediately's world of nudity showing on the quilt of Self-importance Truthful, authorized pornography, and court docket battles over public thong put on, one would possibly count on the worth of modesty in gown and habits to have lengthy hidden itself underneath a rock. The web model of the Miriam ...

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Evolution of Ancient Greek Hairstyles

Historical Greek hairstyles modified as historic Greece modified, reflecting the preoccupations and aspirations of its residents. Hairstyles signedified one thing concerning the wearer's age, style and metropolis of origin, however not a lot about his or her social class (apart from slaves, whose hair was normally quick). Of their non-public ...

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