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Peep Toe Possibilities

In case you haven’t notices, peep toe shoes are making their way onto feet all over the county. Maybe in an attempt to hold on to the sheer fun of sandals the biggest trend in foot fashion keeps that little bit of toe exposed for all to see. While some ...

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Quitting Smoking

Having helped over 2,000 to quit smoking I believe I have heard every possible reason for not being able to quit. My response to these excuses, which are keeping people trapped, is often very similar. "What is special about you?" If people all around the world are quitting smoking what ...

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Short Skirts and High Heels

Magazines in the present day acquire a good quantity of readership by exhibiting actual versus picture shopped photos. The extremely skinny, extremely tall lady is considerably of an anomaly and but serves as a basis for our commonplace of magnificence. Even these girls want the information and methods and abilities ...

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